French firm Vision Systems (stand 200) is displaying its Noctis range of polarising windows, which can create a near total blackout in the cabin, at the show.

Noctis uses the same technology as the company's earlier Nuance range, and helps to save energy as its UV-limitation and heat-filtering abilities decrease the need for constant air-conditioning.

Vision Systems also allows customers to combine their polarising windows with Comfort Shade, a motorised roller shade that comes in multiple shapes, fabrics and colours to suit the aircraft and individual preferences.

"What we do is highly customisable and adaptable, and that makes it very relevant to the market here in the Middle East, where there is a wide range of requirements," says Jerome Monvaillier, managing director of Vision Systems Aeronautics.

The company is also promoting its range of cabin management systems and in-flight entertainment control systems, as well as a tablet holder.

Source: Flight Daily News