Meggitt (Hall 3,D8) plans to phase the military product lines newly purchased from BAE Systems into its Aerospace Systems facilities at Fareham, UK, inside a year.

With the products so similar and complementary to Meggitt's own, investment in new plant and equipment is not required, although minor changes to its facilities, including the building of a new mezzanine floor, are being built to create more space.

The equipment, purchased at a cost of $23.4 million, includes air data transducers, engine management flight data recorders and health and usage management systems (HUMS), giving Meggitt a significantly higher percentage of military sales.

It also extends the market areas where Meggitt already has a presence selling to customers it already supports, including Sikorsky, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

The current order book for these product lines amounts to more than $75 million and last year sales totalled approximately $31 million.

Source: Flight Daily News