The Airbus A380 looms large over the Meggitt stand (Hall 2, I12), where products supplied for the mega-jumbo include the fire and overheat detection system for engines, main landing gear and auxiliary power unit, and a range of products created by Dunlop Aerospace.

Under a sole source contract worth $1.5 billion, Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems is working with Honeywell Aircraft Landing Systems to design and manufacture the A380's wheels and brakes.

Newly integrated in the Meggitt group, Stewart Warner South Wind, Serck Aviation, Dunlop Equipment and Dunlop Bestobell (a merger of Bestobell Aviation and Dunlop Precision Rubber) variously provide heat management equipment for the Trent 900 and GP7200 engine options.

These include a high pressure fuel/hydraulic oil cooler used for the hydraulic fluids in the primary flight control circuit, high speed centrifugal oil cleaners, and airframe seals using the latest silicon technology to meet stringent fire and electro magnetic interference requirements.

Source: Flight Daily News