Meggitt (Stand A436 in the UK Pavilion) is celebrating the production of its 1,000th market-leading Secondary Flight Display System (SFDS).

The first production unit was sold in March 1996 and the SFDS has been specified on 22 aircraft programmes worldwide.

It is now flying on all types of aircraft, including fixed and rotary wing, civil and military.

But Meggitt is not resting on its laurels.

The company has developed a more technologically advanced product - the Mark II version - that includes a number of significant enhancements.

It has been received with much enthusiasm during customer demonstrations and flight trials. The Mark II includes video quality graphics, higher update rates and customer selectable colour options.

British Airways has selected the latest SFDS for retrofit in its next batch of Boeing 737. Deliveries will start in March. This follows the contract to supply BA with the SFDS for its B737-300 and B737-400 aircraft earlier this year.

Meggitt subsidiary Vibro-Meter is also celebrating winning an agreement with Embraer to supply its Engine Vibration Monitoring (EVM) system for the ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 aircraft.

This is the third success for Vibro-Meter after being selected for the Raytheon Hawker Horizon and the Dornier 728/928.

Source: Flight Daily News