Alan Dron

As the world approaches a century of powered, heavier-than-air flight, it's worth remembering that both the Paris salon and Flight International have been around for very nearly as long.

Flight International (just Flight in decades gone past) has been there to record the astounding progress of aviation over that period. From the earliest days, the magazine has recorded events not only in the words of its writers but in images that evoke what today seem much more leisurely times.

These images now form the core of Flight International's extensive image archive which, as the Flight International Picture Library, continues to expand.

Doubtless the design teams and marketeers of the 1920s felt under just as much pressure as another Paris show loomed as do their modern counterparts.

The Flight International Picture Library now has an extended place within the publication's website at 'Publications and events' at

Anyone wishing to purchase copies of any of the millions of photographic images in the archives should contact chief librarian Kim Hearn on (+44) (0)181 652 3427.

Source: Flight Daily News