Investigators found that the captain of a Merpati Nusantara Indonesian Aerospace NC 212-200 was unable to prevent a runway excursion after taking over from the first officer when the aircraft bounced on landing.

The aircraft, arriving from Langur on 3 December 2011, landed at Larat but bounced twice to the left of the Runway 09 centreline.

Larat has no navigation aids and landings must be performed visually. The first officer was flying under a line check programme.

Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee said the captain took over after the second bounce and "tried to bring the aircraft to the centreline of the runway, without success".

The aircraft rolled off the runway and over rough ground, stopping near an area of trees, 607m from the touchdown zone of Runway 09 and 15m off the left side.

One of the 19 passengers suffered serious injuries.

The twin-engined aircraft sustained serious damage to its nose, landing-gear and starboard wing-tip and the left side of the fuselage was badly wrinkled.

NTSC investigators have yet to complete the inquiry, but have advised the carrier to review recruitment and qualification checks for first officers, and to ensure flight instructors use "standard flight language that can be understood by first officer candidates".

Source: Flight International