Flight International online news 11:00GMT: US regional operator Mesaba’s chances of surviving Northwest Airlines’ court-protected restructuring have been hampered by a New York bankruptcy judge’s approval of the US major’s plan to revoke a further 106 aircraft leases if they are not favorably renegotiated.

The court decision is in addition to last week’s ruling that allows Northwest to revoke leases on 115 other aircraft with five days notice, including Mesaba’s entire fleet of Avro regional jets. The decision to cut the Avros led directly to Mesaba’s own Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on October 13, a little over a month after Northwest’s filing.

Mesaba has already been informed by Northwest that nine of its Saab 340B+ aircraft will be cut from Northwest’s schedule in January as part of the major’s capacity reduction program. These nine are included in the 49 Saabs listed by Northwest in its most recent motion.

A Mesaba spokeswoman says Northwest has not detailed any more capacity cuts in its Saab fleet, and notes that the larger carrier’s court filing says it will revoke the leases only if the contracts cannot be renegotiated.

Northwest will not comment on the either the court ruling or its plans for Mesaba.




Source: Airline Business