Messier-Dowty has been selected to provide the integrated landing-gear system for the Russian Regional Jet (RRJ), and plans to develop two main landing gear versions as part of the $400 million contract, writes Michael Phelan.

The Snecma group company's deal follows the earlier selection of the Snecma/NPO Saturn SM146 engine for the RRJ, which is being developed by Sukhoi in collaboration with Ilyushin and Yakovlev. Boeing is also involved.

Messier-Dowty's contract includes the landing gear itself, as well as practically all associated components, except the braking system.

The 60-, 75- and 95-seat variants of the RRJ have a twin-wheel main landing gear in baseline configuration, but a four-wheel bogie gear option is also offered to enable operations from uneven runways. Sukhoi predicts that most customers will only require the twin-wheel gear, but Messier-Dowty says it expects a significant number to opt for the bogie gear, 'especially potential operators in Africa, India or even South America'.

The planned first flight of the RRJ in early 2006 gives Messier-Dowty a 26-month development programme, which the company says is 'challenging, but do-able'.

Source: Flight International