A constant stream of high level visitors are beating a path to Matra BAe Dynamics (MBD) to inspect the European company's new Meteor missile.

Alan Garwood, the company's deputy chief executive, says interest in the collaborative British, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish missile is "massive".

"Its unprecedented, everyone wants to come and have a look at it," he says. "They want to know when it is available - it is incredible the amount of interest".

Garwood says the interest in Meteor disproved claims by the company's American rival, Raytheon, that there is no requirement around the world for ramjet powered missiles such as Meteor.

"American companies are saying the same thing about other superior European products like the Airbus A3XX."

Mock-ups of the missile, which the British Ministry of Defence selected earlier in the year to fulfil its beyond visual range missile requirements for the Eurofighter, are on view at MBD's display in the BAE SYSTEMS partnership pavilion.

Source: Flight Daily News