Mexicana is to take delivery of its first International Aero Engines V2500-A1 upgraded with the "Phoenix Kit" later this month. It is the first of 30 that will be upgraded for use on the airline's Airbus A320s. The improved engine uses technology developed for the higher thrust -A5 version, produced for the A321, to boost temperature margin, operability and life on wing.

The kit incorporates improved outer air seals, materials and cooling on the first-stage high-pressure turbine blades and vanes. It was developed for Phoenix, Arizona-based America West Airlines. The improved configuration includes a redesigned six-stage HP compressor blade, (changed after a failure on the A321), and a revised combustor design with a new heat-resistant coating. The kit is expected to yield a 25% improvement to on-wing life. America West received its first upgraded engine earlier this month.

Other -A5 engines are showing a life on wing up to 14,000 hours on average, says IAE sales director Richard St Onge. "The -A5 does not demonstrate any exhaust gas temperature limitations and one came off the wing after 17,000 hours with 22íof margin left."

Source: Flight International