Microcopter is promoting its lightweight MC-2 piston-engined interchangeable cabin helicopter. On display at the booth is its MC-1 flying prototype and test-bed for the development of the MC-2.
“We are not here selling anything; we are promoting the concept to find investors and partners. We are looking for engineering, manufacturing, development and production partners,” says Philippe Antoine, CEO and programme director MC-2. “Le Bourget is ideal for us to reach investors and partners, especially those companies involved in composites and electrics.”
Its prototype test-bed is to be used to assess and qualify the technology and mechanical systems for the MC-2. The MC-2 will be diesel powered, using either a Zoche 01A radial piston engine that is in development, or a Wilksch WAM160 in-line piston engine. Both engines are turbocharged and develop 150hp.
The helicopter can be disassembled with ease – the cabin can be removed in five minutes with no tools, the tail-boom takes only five minutes to remove and the main-rotor blades are foldable and removable, again in only five minutes. The company estimates an operating cost of $178/hr.

Source: Flight Daily News