Saphir 4-2/4-5

The Saphir 4-2 and 4-5 models are fitted to some Dassault Falcon 20 business jets, rated at around 50kW. The variants differ mainly in that the 4-5 has additional noise insulation around the APU. Saphir 20

The Saphir 20, originally certificated in 1975, is fitted to the Bombardier Canadair CL-415 water bomber.

Although the unit is capable of being operated at up to 23,000ft (7,000m), it is only cleared for ground operation on the CL-415.


Saphir 100

The 135kW Saphir 100 is being developed primarily for the NH Industries NH90 helicopter, although Microturbo plans to offer the unit for future commuter aircraft with up to 70 seats. Certification of the Saphir 100 is planned for the middle of 1998.

Source: Flight International