Midcoast Aviation, Jet Aviation’s North American affiliate, announced today at the show that it has constructed a hangar large enough to house 10 super long-range or 16 mid-sized aircraft simultaneously at St Louis airport. This brings its total floor space to 46,450m2 (500,000ft2).

The pre-engineered metal structure features two 82 x 41m (270 x 135ft) aircraft bays, separated by 3,700m2 of supporting shop space over two floors.

“Our cabinetry and upholstery shops were relocated to the new building, bringing them closer to the aircraft they are supporting. Concentrating completions activities in the new building has allowed us to better organise our maintenance activities too,” says Kurt Sutterer, Midcoast president. “We’ve been able to dedicate our maintenance hangars to specific airframes, organising tooling and teams by product lines.” 

This provides much needed extra space for Midcoast Aviation, which also celebrates its 100th green completion later this month upon delivery of a Challenger 850. “Our completions business has been growing 25% year over year, and our maintenance business remains robust growing at 12% a year. The future is bright, ” continues Sutterer.

Midcoast’s newest hangar will not be the largest for long. Next month the company will break ground on a 13,470m2 hangar to support the company’s move into narrowbody aircraft completions.

Source: Flight Daily News