Tim Ripley  

Two newly upgraded versions of the MiG-29 Fulcrum combat aircraft are on display at Farnborough for the first time.

The ANPK MiG design bureau has brought the single seat MiG-29SMT attack version and MiG-29UBT two seat multi-role aircraft to the show.

Both aircraft take the well proven MiG-29 design a step further by incorporating new air-to-ground guided weapons.

The MiG-29SMT and UBT feature improvements in five main areas: increased range and endurance; new computer architecture and data-storage facilities,

multi-function radar; new weapons; and reduced operating costs.


MiG is offering to build new aircraft to this improved specification or to retrofit existing airframes with the new capabilities. It is also offering to tailor any upgrade packages to unique national requirements.

Significant improvements in the MiG-29SMT's range have been achieved by providing additional internal and external tanks and an in-flight refuelling probe.

This additional fuel gives a maximum range on internal fuel of 2,200km increasing to 6,500km with external tanks and one air-to-air refuelling.

The major improvement has been made to the aircraft is computer architecture, with increased memory, 1553B-standard digital databases, PC compatible software, a video recording system and a data input device.

A new ergonomic cockpit, designed by Russkaya Avionika, of Zhukovsky, features two new multi function displays, a multi purpose control panel and a new Russian made airborne computer. The N-019 multi function radar has also been upgraded to MPE standard to allow it to be used in air-to-surface mode.

A wider range of weaponry can be carried by the MiG-19SMT thanks to upgrades to the aircraft control systems. Weapon options include:

* PKR Kh-31A (AS-12 Kegler) supersonic anti-ship missile, with active radar seeker.

* Kh-31P (AS-12 'Kegler') anti-radar missiles

* Vympel R-77 (AA-12 'Adder') semi-active radar guided missiles

* Kh-29L (AS-14 Kedge) laser guided air-to-ground missiles.

* Kh-25T/ML (AS-9 Karen) television and laser guided air-to-ground missiles.

* KAB-500L/KR laser and television guided bombs, with a targeting pod.

The load is up to five tonnes, including provision for 1,500kg carry.


MAPO can also integrate other weapon options, to meet customer requirements. A major effort has been made to improve the operating costs of the aircraft and the company claim it has made 40% savings MiG has also brought their new MiG-29UBT two seat combat trainer to Farnborough. This has been developed from the MiG-29UB training aircraft and the MiG-29UBT aims to rival the Boeing F-15E Eagle.

The MiG-29UBT offers the same weapons capability as the single seat SMT version, but with the improved capability offered by having a weapon systems operator/navigator in the rear cockpit.

As with the MiG-29SMT, MiG is also offering to build new or upgrade existing UB aircraft to the UBT standard.

Source: Flight Daily News