Mikoyan has carried out fast-taxi trials of its prototype 1.42 next-generation counter-air fighter at the Zhukovsky flight-test research institute.

According to Russian sources, the trials were undertaken at the end of 1994, but the aircraft has yet to have its debut flight.There are indications that the taxi trials may have shown that the aircraft's flight-control system needed minor modifications.

The 1.42 is believed to be an aircraft in the 35t class and is described by Mikoyan as " a fifth-generation fighter". The programme has been delayed by funding and technical problems.

Sukhoi has flown the second pre-series prototype Su-34 tactical bomber from the Novosibirsk site. The aircraft is earmarked to replace the Frontal Aviation Command's Su-24 Fencer strike aircraft. The second prototype is believed to be fitted with a multi-function high-resolution ground-mapping radar.

Development of the Su-34 has also been slowed by funding shortages, although the Russian air force badly needs an Su-24 replacement.

Source: Flight International