Techtest has launched a new personal locator at Asian Aerospace. The company, a division of HR Smith, pioneered the early integration of a GPS receiver into portable emergency beacons to provide levels of accuracy only previously associated with installed aviation emergency transmitters.

The locators have been used on military aircraft and have been proven on Martin Baker ejector seats on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme. But now the company is launching a new model aimed at general and business aviation usres, the 500-27-07, which uses proven electronics inside a stylish, modern casing.

“We haven’t lost any of the rugged and durable qualities associated with the Techtest search and rescue products,” says senior sales engineer Chris Startin. The unit can be fitted to aircraft as an emergency locator transmitter or carried in life vests for personal use.

Also on the stand, HR Smith is promoting its antennas for use on regional jets. The Dash 8 Q400 and MA 60 aircraft are already fitted with the antennas. Superjet 100 will also feature the advanced constructed antennas.

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Source: Flight Daily News