India's Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) has a long pedigree as a builder of training aircraft historically in the form of national variants of western designs such as the Hunting Percival Jet Provost, locally named the Kiran. But the company's future ambitions are embodied in the form of its single-engined HJT-36 intermediate jet trainer (IJT). The company has exhibited its IJT at the Farnborough and Paris air shows, but one of its prototypes crashed during February's Indian air show in Bangalore, after a suspected tyre-burst on take-off.


HAL will also be responsible for the local assembly of 44 BAE Systems Hawk 132 advanced jet trainers for the Indian air force, with the aircraft forming the bulk of a 66-strong deal. HAL plans to use the experience gained through building the aircraft to inform the development of its proposed HJT-39 combat aircraft trainer, or CAT, which could compete with the Hawk in a bid to secure future Indian business. The new aircraft would have a maximum take-off weight of around 9.5t, including a 2t external payload.

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Source: Flight International