Azerbaijan-based unmanned air vehicle firm Azad Systems may soon begin manufacturing the Israeli-developed Orbiter 3.

Azad was established in 2011 with assistance from Aeronautics Defense Systems, one of Israel's leading unmanned air system manufacturers. It is considered a joint venture with the Azerbaijani government, and Aeronautics has an option to acquire 50% of shares.

Dany Eshchar, Aeronautics' deputy chief executive for marketing and sales, says Azad's plant is already manufacturing the Orbiter 2. "The Azeris want the bigger, more capable version – the Orbiter 3 – and we talk with them about it," he adds.

The Orbiter 3 has a wingspan of 4.4m (14.4ft), a maximum take-off weight of 30kg (66lb) and an endurance of 7h while carrying an electro-optical/infrared sensor. It is launched using a catapult and recovered by a combination of parachute and airbag.

Orbiter 3 - Aeronautics

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