Israeli company Tactical Robotics has demonstrated its Cormorant vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle's capability to carry out medical evacuation duties.

Conducted at Megiddo airfield in Northern Israel on 7 May, the activity involved taking off with a cargo load and performing a pre-planned flight to a specified point of delivery. The cargo was then offloaded before a medical training mannequin was transported to the Cormorant's point of origin. A monitor transmitted condition information about the "patient" to personnel on the ground, and a video camera that would allow two-way communication was also tested.

Cormorant UAV medevac - Tactical Robotics

Tactical Robotics

The sortie was performed autonomously, apart from loading and unloading.

Rafi Yoeli, chief executive of Tactical Robotics, says the demonstration highlights the Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2-powered Cormorant’s unique capability to perform unmanned cargo delivery and casualty evacuation missions.

"We see the Israeli defence forces as our first customer, and have been working with their experts to define the needed capabilities," Yoeli says. The company has designed its Cormorant in accordance with the US Federal Aviation Administration's passenger carrying certification standards.