The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 unmanned air vehicle will be produced in Brazil if the type is selected for a new requirement with the nation’s air force.

IAI and its Brazilian partner Avionics Services are gearing up for the competition, and have completed definition work for the so-called Category 4 UAV. After long delays to the process, the air force is expected to issue a tender for the requirement early next year.

Having confirmed the technical details of the system they will offer to the air force, the partner companies have also moved forward in proving that the Israeli-designed UAV can be produced locally. The specification on offer will include some structural upgrades, and a variety of payloads capable of meeting operational requirements under Brazilian conditions.

Already fully certificated by Brazilian government authorities, the Heron 1 is operated by the nation’s police, with Avionics Services responsible for providing maintenance support.