Israel Aerospace Industries has expanded its range of airborne maritime surveillance radars by announcing the availability of its ELM-2022ES for patrol aircraft and the ELM-2022ML for unmanned air systems.

Developed by IAI's Elta Systems subsidiary, the active electronically scanned array ELM-2022ES provides maritime and ground surveillance and imaging capabilities, along with simultaneous airborne surveillance. The sensor combines mechanical scan in the horizontal plane and electronic scan in the vertical plane, to improve detection – particularly at high sea states, the company says.

The ES is suitable for installation on a variety of special mission aircraft for tasks such as maritime surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, exclusive economic zone surveillance, plus homeland security and search and rescue missions, according to IAI. The company offers its systems for multiple aircraft types, including the Bombardier Q400 (below).

Q400 radar - IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries

IAI says that more than 250 radars from the ELM-2022 range have already been sold to 25 countries, for installation on maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters and UAS. Its new ML version for unmanned aircraft, helicopters and light reconnaissance aircraft has a total system weight of 50kg (110lb), it adds.