Israel's defence ministry is trying to create a "formula" that will allow the nation's unmanned air system manufacturers to sell their products in Poland.

Warsaw is soliciting bids for 12 systems of middle-range tactical UAS and 15 systems of mini-UAS for its armed forces. Initial bids were made last month, with further stages to follow. The Polish defence ministry wants to sign a deal in early 2016.

At this stage, the official position of the Polish government is to make an effort to buy systems via local companies, but the armed forces are pressing for proven systems, which will bring Israeli manufacturers into the competition – either directly or indirectly.

Last year, the Israeli defence ministry withdrew the export permits to Poland held by Israeli contractors Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. The decision followed a fierce battle between the companies, which contributed to the resignation of Polish deputy defence minister Gen Waldemar Skrzypczak.

In the weeks since the initial bids were made, officials from Israel's defence ministry have been in talks with their Polish counterparts in an effort to bring Israeli manufacturers back into the competition.

Sources confirm that one potential resolution would be to create joint ventures between Israeli and Polish companies, which would allow for the local production of proven systems. Such arrangements would be made under a government-to-government umbrella, they add.