Aeronautics Defense Systems' Orbiter 2B unmanned air system completed final acceptance testing in Finland in late January, when temperatures were as low as -25˚C (-13˚F).

Deputy chief executive Dany Eshchar says the tested equipment is part of a second batch of Orbiter 2 UAS being supplied to the Finnish armed forces. Tests included operational scenarios in the harsh weather conditions, he says, adding: "The systems performed flawlessly, in spite of the temperature, snow and winds."

Orbiter 2B rail - Aeronautics Defense Systems

Aeronautics Defense Systems

The Finnish defence ministry selected the Orbiter 2B in 2012 for its operational needs for surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance. The contract includes 55 systems, with a total of 250 mini air vehicles. The €23 million ($26 million) deal includes four batches, the second of which is in the supply phase.

Orbiter 2B Finland - Aeronautics Defense Systems

Aeronautics Defense Systems

The Orbiter 2B has a 1m (3.3ft) fuselage length and a 3m wingspan. The design has a maximum take-off weight of 10.3kg (22.7lb) including a 1.5kg payload, and offers a flight endurance of 4h.