The Polish defence ministry’s armament inspectorate has published a notice looking for new unmanned air vehicles in two classes.

The classes under consideration are tactical short-range and mini-UAVs, together with training and logistical support.

Poland wants to acquire 12 tactical UAVs via the “Orlik” (Eaglet) programme acquisition and the aircraft are to be delivered by 2022. An additional batch of the selected type is expected to be purchased between 2022 and 2026.

Warsaw is also looking to buy 15 sets of mini-UAVs via project “Wizjer” (Viewfinder), with deliveries expected by 2017.

Bidders for both requirements should apply by 16 February, and selection decisions and contract signatures are expected during 2016. The defence ministry says its selection will be based on key parameters of price (with a 60% weighting), operating costs (25%) and technical factors (15%).

In its 2013-2022 modernisation plan, the Polish defence ministry outlined a requirement to acquire more than 80 UAVs across several different classes and types.