Minco is showcasing its capabilities with its ‘never-ending contraption’ – a device it has built out of components that it can manufacture.

Minco’s fundamental products are themofoil heaters, flexible circuits, flexible heaters, sensors and instruments. “We don’t just supply the component, we supply an integrated component. We’ll supply the sensor with the associated heater and flexible circuits,” says business development manager Scot Wesolaski.

Its latest development is a Thermal-Clear transparent heater that features a micro-thin wire heating element laid in a pattern between optical-grade polyester sheets. It provides heat without blocking light. A typical application is for warming LCD screens, but is also using the technology for microdisplays used by the front-line soldier.
“With the microdisplays it lets the user see all the time, the display won’t fog over,” says Wesolaski. Minco is a supplier to large programmes including the wind direction vanes for the Airbus A380, as well as a sub-contractor for Rolls-Royce to produce heaters for the fan blades for the JSF.

INtegrated solutions
“Paris is an important show for us, it gives us the chance to highlight our abilities in defence and aerospace. Our focus is on integrated solutions,” says Michael Blanc, sales and marketing manager Europe.
Wesolaski adds: “We want to show customers we are here and find new applications. We like guided munitions and microdisplays. We are a global business and want to promote that here at Paris and further grow our business.”

Source: Flight Daily News