Russian Mir 1 cosmonauts Vasili Tsiblyev and Alexander Lazutkin will make an "internal" spacewalk in the connecting node/ airlock of the space station, in spacewalking suits on 11 July.

During the 6h exercise, the cosmonauts will reconnect the electrical cables running from the damaged depressurised Spektr module to the Mir power units.

Although one of the Spektr's four solar arrays was damaged in the collision with the Progress M34 tanker craft, power from the remaining panels will be provided to the station if the work succeeds.

The cosmonauts will have to fit a new airlock hatch to the Spektr, enabling cables to run from the depressurised module to the rest of the pressurised station. Equipment to support the repairs could arrive at the Mir as early as 7 July.

Source: Flight International