The best form of camouflage is to take the object to be hidden and put it quite openly in the last place that anyone would expect to find it. The truth of the principle has been proved again by Norwegian defence workers Kjetill Lovbrotte and Greger Johansson, who showed up at the Flight Daily News offices yesterday to identify the mystery missile featured on page 12 of our July 23 issue. It turns out that the weapon is Norway's Kongsberg NSM anti-ship missile, and Kjettil should know because he designed the wings as part of his duties with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. He charitably suggests that the Flight Daily News missile anoraks were thrown by the fact that NSM is more usually associated with fast patrol boats and helicopters – it has been selected to arm Norway's NH Industries helicopters. Its appearance here stems from the fact that it was considered for carriage aboard Eurofighter at the time when Norway was thinking of buying the type.


Source: Flight Daily News