An unpowered model of the Mono Tilt Rotor (MTR) heavylift rotorcraft is to be tested, and preliminary design of a scaled demonstrator completed, under the $5 million research contract awarded by the US Army to Baldwin Technology (Flight International, 12-18 April).

The MTR combines a coaxial rotor with a folding wing, articulating airframe and cargo container-handling system. The army contract covers the construction and windtunnel testing of a small parametric research model to prove the viability of the complex wing/tail kinematics and aerodynamics.

New York-based Baldwin will also complete preliminary design of a 5.5t gross-weight demonstrator capable of carrying a 2t containerised load 1,300km (700nm) with a 200kt (370km/h) cruise speed at 20,000ft (6,100m) altitude.

Baldwin's proposed heavylift rotorcraft would have a 59t gross weight and be able to carry a 20t load 1,850km.

Source: Flight International