Our very own film critic, Monty Orangeball, was among defence hacks invited recently by Whirlybirdski to a private screening of Blackhawk Down - the gritty portrayal of a Special Forces operation in Somalia that goes badly wrong. All was well during the screening until one particularly gory scene caused a nearby hackette to faint. As two uniformed members of the audience carried the prone figure out Monty heard someone whisper "collatoral damage".

Impressed by the massive publicity for the Blackhawk generated by the film, Megaplanes is apparently thinking of a similar project for the Chinook in Afghanistan. Monty tells me that the film will be called "One of our wheels is missing".

Talking of which, the Blackhawk growth programme has been renamed. What was the UH-60X is now the F-UR, or Future Utility Rotorcraft. The other option, F-UX, was quietly discarded.

Source: Flight International