Sir - The letter from the director-general of the International Air Carrier Association (Flight International. 11-17 January, P45) struck a chord with me.

A few years ago, a newspaper article reported that an airline captain had fallen asleep while taxiing in after night duty.

What was not reported was that this captain had an active self-employed role outside his main profession, involving the design, manufacture, distribution and sales of golfing accessories.

A significant number of airline pilots pursue extra-mural profitable business activities and I observed, during a long career, that this percentage was the most vociferous in urging a reduction in flying-duty hours and more leisure time.

A question requiring debate is that, if current flight-time-limitation regulations are barely adequate to preserve safety and a reasonable domestic lifestyle, how responsible is the behaviour of those many individuals who eagerly participate in additional, and time-consuming, money-making enterprises?


Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

Source: Flight International