Construction of a Ckr620 million ($20.6 million) maintenance complex at the Czech airport of Ostrava-Mosnov in north Moravia has been suspended until March, according to Icelandic company European Central Aviation (ECA), which is co-ordinating the financing of the entire project.

Work on the complex, which will carry out maintenance of Boeing aircraft, has been halted because the height of the hangar is to be increased to enable it to accommodate the Airbus A380 ultra-large aircraft. In addition, the investors, one of which is BAE Systems, are concerned that the project will not receive the expected subsidies from the local government CzechInvest agency.

The complex is due to be finished by the end of the year. The construction of the plant is one of 19 pre-offset projects started in 1999 by BAE Systems and Saab as part of their bid to sell Gripen fighters to the Czech Republic.

Source: Flight International