More Airbus A318 aircraft are heading for part-out as parent company Republic Airways Holdings removes more aircraft out of the Frontier Airlines operation.

CAO understands that Q Aviation has acquired two additional aircraft from Frontier for part out and the company will sell the engines out right, and part-out the airframe through a consignment arrangement.

Both aircraft, MSN 3110 and 3163 are equipped with CFM56-5B8/P engines. They were delivered new to Frontier from Airbus in April and June 2007, respectively.

The acquisition follows last year's Q Aviation purchase of two 2007-vintage aircraft for part out from Frontier.

Earlier this month GECAS parted out an A318 aircraft that was returned from lease from Frontier Airlines. The 2004- aircraft, MSN 2276, is powered by CFM56-5B8/P engines. According to Flightglobal's ACAS database, the A318 was leased to Frontier through October 2016.

Another aircraft, MSN 2218, is expected to be returned to GECAS.

Republic Airways Holdings announced plans in July to 'purchase or acquire on lease' a total of 14 A320 aircraft that have scheduled delivery dates beginning between January 2011 and November 2014.

Source: Commercial Aviation Online