Rejected take-off tests of a Boeing 767 fitted with Messier-Bugatti carbon brakes are due to take place at the end of March, following the successful development and certification of a competing system from AlliedSignal.

The Messier-Bugatti brakes will be made from a recently developed material, called SepcarbIII, based on virtually identical technology to that already in use on the Airbus A319 and A320.

UK-based charter airline Britannia Airways, meanwhile, became the first operator to accept a production 767 fitted with the new AlliedSignal Carbenix 4100 carbon brakes when it took delivery of a -300 on 4 February. The brakes are based on technology developed for the 777 and tested last May. All new 767-200/300s in the factory are passing through assembly with the new system installed, while retrofitting of the 767 fleet will begin in March.

Source: Flight International