Andrew Mollet

The Gulfstream V, the world's first ultra-long-range business aircraft, set two world speed records on the flight from New York to Singapore.

It brings to 46 the number of world and national records for speed, altitude, distance and time-to-climb the aircraft has set since entering service in January of last year.

The Gulfstream V, s/n 502, made an unprecedented non-stop flight for a business jet from New York to Kauai, Hawaii and a second non-stop flight from Hawaii to Singapore.

It departed Teterboro Airport bound for Hawaii on 19 February at 11.55am local time, carrying 18,000kg of fuel, seven passengers and four crew. The aircraft cruised at a speed of Mach 0.86 and altitudes up to 45,000ft (14,000m). The Gulfstream V completed the 8,200km (4,400nm) flight in nine hours, 45 minutes.

On 20 February, the aircraft departed Lihue Airport in Kauai at 8.50am local time, carrying maximum fuel, and the same number of occupants.

It arrived at Changi on 21 February at 5.12pm, local time, completing the 10,700km (5,800nm) flight in 14 hours, 22 minutes.

"The Gulfstream continues to set the standard for ultra-long range business aviation," says Bryan Moss, vice-chairman of Gulfstream Aerospace. "Each new record underscores the quality, performance and reliability of this revolutionary aircraft."

Source: Flight Daily News