Moscow's Vnukovo Airport is to ban from operation early next year several aircraft types which cannot conform to stricter noise criteria.

The airport's operator is intending a complete prohibition on services by Tupolev Tu-134, Tu-154B and Ilyushin Il-86 aircraft.

It adds that the more modern Tu-154M will not be allowed to take off or land during the evening and night hours.

These aircraft types, says the operator, have a "negative impact on the acoustic environment in nearby districts".

It adds that it is imposing the ban in consideration of its social responsibility to residents of Moscow, and in response to individual complaints.

The aircraft types affected by the restriction account for 25% of total passenger traffic at Vnukovo. Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft, as well as Airbus A320s and A330s, together make up another 55%.

Vnukovo's operator says the prohibition takes into account the fact that most airlines using the airport have made efforts to upgrade their fleets to quieter, more fuel-efficient types.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news