Moscow’s Domodedovo airport is hoping to attract Russian or foreign airline customers for a project to increase its maintenance capacity.

East Line group, which operates the airport, is constructing two additional maintenance bays, which could house two Airbus A310 or Boeing 767 aircraft, or four smaller aircraft. East Line has completed the documentation phase of the plan and will begin construction later this year.

“The hangars will be built to be leased out to whoever has the best business plan,” says business development director Daniel Burkard. Construction work is expected to take less than a year, he adds. “There was a plan to reconstruct our hanger, we decided it would be better to construct two or three hangars for our main customers,” Burkard says.

As Russian operators gradually shift towards foreign aircraft types, it is particularly important for Domodedovo to reconstruct its maintenance base, East Line says.  East Line says it is investing a total of $180 million in upgrading airport infrastructure this year, but declines to specify how much of this will be spent on the maintenance hangars.

Domodedovo is currently hosting an exhibition of classic front covers from Flight (and latterly Flight International).


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Source: Flight International