Unlike the Japanese, Chinese authorities understand the need to invest in the infrastructure that will make business aviation an accepted part of corporate life. That's the view of Gulfstream president Bryan Moss.

"In my conversations with officials in China, I see legitimate recognition of the need for investment. 'We want you to come here with your business jets,' they say.

"The Japanese make it clear you're not welcome," says Moss.

While frustrated with a lack of engagement or investment in Japan, he is positive about the "tremendous opportunities" presented by China - but he is less bombastic than many about the time frame.

"We'll see a 'hockey stick' type of curve - flat for five or six years then exponential growth."

The necessary macro-economic factors aren't in place for faster development, he says.


"We need to see political and economic stability - though I don't see near-term threats to that. There needs to be a continued move toward a market-driven economy. The levels of investment are there.

"The next 10 years are going to be very exciting.

"There will be great opportunities for charter operations and we'll probably see a trend much like that in North America where we see a kind of fractional ownership en route to more traditional ownership."

In the short-term, Moss says he wants to get as much exposure as possible to potential buyers in the region and those multinational business people who are likely to have an affinity with Gulfstream and Gulfstream products and be interested in charter services.


At Asian Aerospace, he is teaming up with Air China which has leased a GIV since last December to serve its new executive charter service.

He also hopes to build on the Gulfstream reputation as a government and special mission aircraft.

A year ago, Moss was downbeat about market conditions in the mature markets and although now he says he "hasn't great optimism", he does identify signs of sustainable recovery in the business aviation sector.

"The pre-owned market is a good harbinger and we're seeing respectable activity in that market which is a positive sign."

Never one to be drawn on forecasts he will go as far as saying: "Our pipeline looks positive - there's a lot of demonstration activity."


Source: Flight Daily News