Mitsubishi Aircraft has gained approval from Japan’s transport ministry for the MRJ regional jet to take its first flight, following the replacement of the aircraft's rudder pedals.

The aircraft is now scheduled to make its maiden sortie in the week of 9 November.

The Japanese manufacturer says it is moving forward with high speed taxi tests and evaluations in preparation for the MRJ’s first flight.

Last week, Mitsubishi announced a two-week delay to the regional jet’s first flight, citing issues with the aircraft’s rudder pedals. It explained that the pedal structure had to be upgraded to “expand the operating range” of the aircraft’s rudder, to ensure the aircraft’s safety in the most extreme conditions.

The MRJ was originally due to take its first flight between 26 and 30 October, following a delay announcement in April, which pushed the aircraft’s first flight to September or October this year. Mitsubishi maintains however that delivery of the aircraft is still scheduled for the second quarter of 2017.

Source: Cirium Dashboard