Europe's leading MRO houses are increasingly migrating to the continent's lower-cost periphery where a breed of new independents is also thriving.

On the eve of the MRO Europe exhibition in Hamburg we examine the tactics of the key competitors. And as regulators worry about the safety of post-maintenance flights we look at the lessons learned from one fatal accident and another close-call.

Finally, we report on the maintenance needs of lessors at a time when a stressed market makes tight control of airworthiness crucial, and we ask what MRO providers offer today's highly sophisticated lessors

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SR Technics is seeking a cheaper location after struggling with European costs


Fringe benefits - maintenance newcomers and freshly minted offshoots of established majors are springing up in Europe's low cost areas

Turkish ambition - low costs and geography fuel Turkish MRO expansion

Lithuanian aspirant - FL Technics loosk east and west for rapid growth

It's safer to talk - Check flight accidents give cause for concern

Keeping up values - How do MROs help lessors protect their assets and cope with airline bankruptcy?

Source: Flight International