Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aero) landed one of this year's signal deals in the conversion arena when US freight specialist FedEx selected it to modify 87 Boeing 757-200s. The conversions from passenger aircraft to freighters will be performed by ST Mobile Aerospace Engineering in Mobile, Alabama and will stretch over a seven-year period. Aircraft will be fitted with a side cargo door and cargo-loading system and have the main deck floor strengthened.

The deal, worth $470 million, follows last year's decision by FedEx to acquire around 90 757s to replace its Boeing 727-200s.

Conversion will use the supplemental type certificate developed by ST Aero.

Production of the 757 ended in 2005 with the delivery of the 1,048th aircraft. According to Flight's ACAS database, there are around 980 757-200s either in service or parked, most of which are passenger models.

Source: Flight International