Rolls-Royce has recruited Delta Air Lines' maintenance division to service Trent 1000 engines at its overhaul shop in Atlanta, as the UK manufacturer looks to add capacity to a network trying to cope with the problems seen on the powerplant.

In 2015, the US carrier disclosed that Delta TechOps would become an authorised maintenance centre for Trent XWB and Trent 7000 engines – the sole powerplants available for the Airbus A350 and A330neo, both of which have been ordered by the carrier.

However, the Trent 1000 is an option on the Boeing 787, which is not part of Delta's fleet.

R-R says Delta TechOps has started operations as a Trent maintenance centre with the introduction of a Trent 1000 engine module.

Tom Palmer, director of services within R-R's civil aerospace division, states that Delta TechOps has "an important role to play both in helping us address our immediate Trent 1000 issue, and in the longer term as part of our network growth to service our expanding Trent fleet".

In addition to expanding maintenance capacity, R-R has introduced new inspection techniques and accelerated development of a permanent fix for the issues in a bid to reduce disruption for Trent 1000 operators.

The engine maker says Delta TechOps' recruitment supports a strategy of developing an "increasingly capable, competitive and flexible" service network.

Delta TechOps has for some time been servicing the BR715 engines that power its parent carrier's 717 fleet.

In order to expand its engine overhaul capacity, the maintenance provider has converted hangar space for the dis- and reassembly of powerplants, repair of piece parts and entire engines, and handling of shop materials and supplies.

A test cell capable of running engines with up to 150,000lb (667kN) of thrust will open later in 2018, says R-R.

Source: Cirium Dashboard