A German company is using recycled fuselage parts from the first airline-operated Airbus A380 to create collectable identity tags, following the parting out of the aircraft by Tarmac Aerosave.

Airbus A380-msn003 scrap

Source: Aviationtag

The ex-Singapore Airlines A380 (MSN003/9V-SKA) is one of two aircraft the airline has retired that are being broken for spares by recycling specialist Tarmac Aerosave in Tarbes, France (above).

Germany’s Aviationtag has launched a special series of 7,000 identity tags manufactured from the outer skin of MSN003.

A380 identity tag Aviationtag

Source: Aviationtag

“Each of the limited edition tag sports the aircraft type, registration number, edition number and size,” says Aviationtag.

A380 sia airbridges first service

Source: Singapore Airlines

A380 MSN003 first flew from Toulouse on 7 May 2006 and was delivered to SIA on 12 October 2007. It operated the world’s first A380 passenger service on 25 October (above), flight SQ380 from Changi to Sydney. SIA retired the aircraft in October 2017 and it was parted out by Tarmac Aerosave last year.