Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) has signed agreements with Airbus Helicopters, as well as Airbus Defence & Space (ADS) for support services at the recent Singapore air show.

The company's deal with Airbus Helicopters covers the development of local support and services, including MRO capabilities, in Indonesia. It will also enhance its partnership with Airbus Helicopters, particularly on upgrading IAe's capabilities in product support.

The agreement with ADS will focus on support and services for the CN295. Both companies have agreed to "study the best approach" for CN295 support services, including product support and training.

This, states IAe, will enable it to perform CN295 maintenance works domestically, thus enabling it to provide a long-term and sustainable service to its Indonesian customers.

IAe, also known as Dirgantara Indonesia, provides maintenance to various types of Airbus Helicopters, including the BO-105, SA330, AS332, AS365 N3+, AS350/550, and EC725. It also provides support services to the Indonesian NAS-332 presidential helicopters.