A Boeing 767-300 owned by Kalitta Air has become the first aircraft to be converted from passenger to cargo configuration at the new Mexico City facility operated jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries unit Bedek and Mexicana.

The site opened in June and is focused on the conversion of Boeing 767-300s into freighters.

Mexicana MRO Services is serving as subcontractor to Bedek. Dozens of Mexicana employees – including structural engineers, electricians, mechanics, and engineers employed in maintenance of the 767-300 – have undergone training at IAI.

Bedek has had a conversion centre for years and performed work on 737s, MD-11s, 747s and 757s as well as 767s.

IAI estimates that the collaboration with Mexicana will yield projects worth tens of millions of dollars in the coming years.

The Israeli company says that, as owner of the supplemental type certificate for the conversion, it will retain engineering authority and overall responsibility for the conversions performed at the new conversion site.

IAI adds that the joint facility has orders for more such conversions.

Bedek recently secured a launch customer for its new 777 conversion line. The group is completing the technical databases needed for the 777 conversion work.

Source: Cirium Dashboard