Lufthansa Technik has started using a partly automated process to apply Interfill epoxy coatings to components in an effort to reduce the time required for the procedure.

The maintenance provider says that part-owned subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Intercoat developed a robot arm to apply the coating onto components fitted to a rotating fixture.

Currently, size limits restrict parts to no larger than 50cm (19.7in) in any dimension and no heavier than 25kg (55lb).

LHT says, however, that development has begun on a next-generation system that will eliminate these restrictions and handle components with "more complex, non-rotation-symmetric coating areas".

An advantage of the existing system is that it produces a coating with an even layer thickness and no air pockets, which reduces potential corrective rework, the maintenance, repair and overhaul provider says.

LHT Intercoat managing director Andreas Sauer claims that the partially automated system reduces component coating time by two-thirds.

"That gives us the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly to customer needs," he says.

LHT Intercoat is a joint venture with Intercon Holding – a financing firm outside Hamburg that specialises in supporting innovative projects with a range of business partners.