Rolls-Royce has partnered with artificial intelligence software specialist Uptake to analyse technical data of Trent-series engines in an effort to improve the powerplants' serviceability.

Uptake says its industrial AI software will be employed to analyse a number of "disparate datasets" in order to detect and resolve – through predictive maintenance – potential technical issues early and to maximise time on wing.

The software will complement R-R's in-house data science capabilities at the engine maker's R2 Data Labs, Chicago-based Uptake adds.

R-R senior vice-president of services for civil aerospace Tom Palmer says the manufacturer has applied analytics in its aftermarket business for "many years" and is continuously seeking ways to further develop its digital capabilities.

"With industrial AI and machine learning techniques, we can increase the uptime of our engines and help customers extend the life and value of their critical assets," he says.

Uptake senior vice-president of portfolios and industry Nick Farrant believes that industrial enterprises have an "incredible advantage given the massive amount of asset data they have at their fingertips", and that the outcomes of data analytics are "indisputable".

The software house asserts that its "industry-specific" programs can turn "mountains of data into actionable insights".