GE has brokered a new deal with Air Canada for the carrier's use of the myEngines app (application) suites featured in the manufacturer's OnPoint digital solutions support programme.

Air Canada's GE engines include the GE90, CF6, CF34 and the CFM56 engine manufactured with GE's joint venture partner Snecma.

The applications are available on a variety smart phones as well as laptop and desktop computers.

GE launched myEngines at the 2010 Farnborough Air Show with LAN featuring four app suites, and recently added a new Ops app suite focused on helping customers improve management of their fleet performance, cost and aircraft/spare engine availability.

The five app suites include tracking engine through the overhaul process, researching and ordering urgently required new material, accessing engine configurations to help manage service bulletins and the latest Ops offering.

GE says more than 20 individual digital apps are now available in the five suites.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news