A J Walter Aviation (AJW) has teamed with Washington DC-based business jet dealer Loudoun Aviation to deliver maintenance and spares support for Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) operators.

The suite of services include 24/7 AOG, power-by-the-hour, pooling and daily service options. "Traditionally these operators have been locked in to engine manufacturer maintenance programmes and it is evident that AJW's products, in particular pool access to their comprehensive spares inventories, will be of tremendous interest" says Susan Kopacz, partner in Loudoun Aviation, who is responsible for marketing this new AJW service to the VIP sector.

BBJ and ACJ operators will be able to benefit from "the flexible financial advantages currently enjoyed by AJW's commercial customers across a wide range of support services, and the company's strategic stock held in conveniently located hubs around the world including Miami, Los Angeles, Memphis, London, Dubai and Singapore", says AJW in a statement released at the Aviation Week MRO Americas conference in Miami.

AJW's core business focuses on simpliflying the management of their spares. "Globally we employ more than 200 staff with extensive multilingual capabilities and provide a 24/7 service to over 700 customers in more than 100 countries. Our intention is to deliver a preferential service that will completely transform the long range corporate sector," says AJW president Christopher Whiteside.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news