The US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory has selected MTC Technologies to carry out its Tier Two tactical UAV concept demonstration programme.

Dayton, Ohio headquartered MTC bid with a derivative of the Arcturus T-16 series UAV, defeating an array of rival proposals that included AAI Aerosonde, Boeing-Insitu and BAE Systems North America amongst others.

A source evaluation had been expected since July, and rival contenders were only notified of the outcome this week this week.

The demonstration system is expected to fly some 300h a month supporting Marine Expeditionary Force experiments in the use of a Tier II system.

The concept demonstration selection comes ahead of a combined USMC-US Navy Tier II requirement, which is expected to go to open tender during the first half of 2007.

MTC is seeking to develop its interests in the UAV sector as an extension of its existing command, control and communications business activities. In August this year the company advised investors that it planned to develop and integrated airborne security and monitoring services business based around the T-16.

The planned system would include electro-optic and infra-red sensors, automatic geo-referencing of detection and tracking outputs, and extended range line of sight communications using remote ground stations.

Tier Two tacticle UAV