MTU Aero Engines (Chalet C28, Row C) is boosting its reputation as a trailblazer in the development of ‘green' engine technology by hosting a series of daily lectures entitled "Clean Air Traffic", designed to promote debate on air transport environmental issues.

"Worldwide growth in air traffic is expected to continue at an average of 5% over the coming years, resulting in a doubling in total passenger miles within the next 15 years," says the German company's Prof Dr Klaus Broichausen.


"A big effort is therefore needed to make air transport more environmentally friendly.

"This depends to a very large extent on minimising fuel consumption, reducing noise and pollution, and building and maintaining engine components as economically as possible."

Today's one-hour lecture starts at the standard time of 4.00pm. Called "Aviation and the environment: perspectives and visions," it will be given by Airbus environment/technical co-ordination director Rainer von Wrede.


Subsequent topics are environmentally friendly engine technology (Prof Dr Broichausen), environ-mental aspects of business aviation (Hany Mustapha, Pratt & Whitney Canada), environmentally friendly air transport (Herbert Lust,

policy director, Boeing International corporation) and progress in R&D for emission-reduced aircraft (Dr Sigmar Wittig, chairman of German aerospace research organisation DLR).

Source: Flight Daily News